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Hello, I am
Sachin Warrier

I sing, make music, perform and accidentally get lost in new hobbies.

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Through what can only be described as a series of happy coincidences, I started singing for movies in 2010. Since then I’ve had the absolute joy of meeting and working with some incredible people, learning things from near and far.

More coincidences followed and I started making music for movies in 2016.

Major filmography includes Thattathin Marayathu, Neram, Left Right Left and Bangalore Days as a singer; Aanandam and Katheyondu Shuruvagide as a composer.

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Getting to make music for advertisements has been such a learning experience. There’s a certain joy in making music to fit into a limited time, while still trying to bring an identity to it.

Major brands for which I’ve done music include Incredible India, Britannia, ITC etc.

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indie music

Some of my greatest influences in music are from outside of films. There’s something deeply satisfying about being able to create music from thoughts and philosophies that inspire you. 

I’ve released two independent singles, ‘Naam’ and ‘Kannamma’, and collaborated with other musicians on several other projects.

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The rush and the thrill of being on stage, singing out to people, and that absolute magic of a moment when everything else is forgotten – that’s enough to keep you inspired for days.

I’ve had the joy of performing for some amazing audiences and events.

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