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My wife and I on the kayak


“Chippi, I think we’re drifting away,” I told my wife. It was just a casual observation. About the kayak that we were on, wobbling and bobbing away because we still hadn’t figured out how to paddle.  This was a trip I wanted to take ever since I learned you could kayak on the backwaters of Alappuzha, a lovely town a couple of hours from where we live. It then came up recently during a dinner with friends, and plans were quickly made. And that’s how we found ourselves in a two-seater kayak, one occupant extremely scared of the water we were in, and the other on the brink of going overboard. Figuratively.  Everyone else in the gang took single-seater kayaks and figured out paddling quite instinctively and took off. For us though, it took some deliberate coordination to set the kayak in the right direction. Right there is when I

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